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Experts warn a large number of residents

Duran. The Eiffel-Ruhr Water Association (WVER) did not expect the Ruttlesperm to overflow from 11pm to midnight on Thursday. Routledgespur traffic has been happily reduced over the past few hours, It says in a message Evening. Nevertheless, the supply rate of 50 cubic meters per second specified in the operation plan or the increased supply of 80 cubic meters per second in conjunction with the Cologne district government was not sufficient to prevent overflowing. Floods are still expected in the lower reaches of the river, especially in areas threatened by floods.

A spokesman for WVER in Touran said the Urbt Reservoir above the Ruhr Reservoir was already overflowing. However, this only had consequences as the Ruddlesperre, located in the southwestern part of North Rhine-Westphalia, quickly filled up.

+++ All progress about the storm here on Live Ticker +++

The Duran district announced in the evening that there was a risk of flooding in the municipalities of Himbok, Niteken and Khrushchev. Anyone in low-lying areas with Rour should turn off the heat and cooking equipment and leave the area immediately. Such behavior is recommended further down the line for cities.

“We can no longer measure,” said WVER board member Joachim Richard, who was hit by heavy rain Thursday night. “Achener Jeetung”. This caused Urt to inflate considerably, and as a result flowed over the Obersey into the Rurdlesper. Richard talks about a controlled overflow and warns against scary tricks. At the same time he said that the residents of “Achener Jeetunga” Rur should expect “massive difficulties” and “massive damage”.

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