Panorama Previously it weighed 180 kg

“I am light and active” – ​​Rainer Colmond lost 90 kg

Even then, he was clearly thin: Rainer Colmond at an awards ceremony almost a year ago, in November 2020.

Even then, he was clearly thin: Rainer Colmond at an awards ceremony almost a year ago, in November 2020.

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Former football manager Rainer Calmond was surprised with a new profile picture that shows his success: minus 90kg. “A whole new approach to life,” he says – and thanks to Uli Hones’ advice.

WHe changes his profile picture on social media and almost always gets positive feedback, but sometimes there are still inquiries – for example former football manager Rainer Colmond on November 13 Uploaded a new photo.

The former heavyweight of the German TV show (“Grill Den Hensler”, “Doppelgஸ்nger”) seems to have changed a lot, and some fans are worried about the 72-year-old. “I hope you are healthy, the picture scares me a lot,” one user wrote on Twitter. However, others are full of compliments: “Aha, that’s so awesome,” one writes.

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What this means is the drastic weight loss of the former managing director (until 2004) of the football club Bayer 04 Leverkusen. After losing weight in 2020 and the accompanying sports and nutrition program, “Gully” has drastically reduced his weight.

For this he owes his former colleague Uli Hoeneß. In August 2019 he moved to Hoeneß in Munich, he told “Zeit”. “When I left he said: Empty, what about your place, do you want to do something? He recommended going to a specialist in Großhadern. I did it and he said in my head: Mr. Colmond, you can only do it by lowering the stomach, you will never defeat yo-yo.

He did – with success: “I can move better, I’m lighter, I’m more active. It’s a whole new approach to life. “

“I want more delicious food”

The “Built” newspaper followed I learned that Colmond once shrunk from 180 kilograms to 90 kilograms. “So I cut myself in half and I feel so much better,” he quotes from “Built”. In addition to surgery, he changed his lifestyle and diet. “I live a very healthy life, I move a lot, my values ​​are above. Of course, I still like tasty food,” says the 72-year-old.

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According to the broadcaster RDL Earlier in the year, Colmond also removed a so-called “fat apron” from his stomach. As a result alone, he lost another eleven kilos, the TV report says. Overall, “Gully” is rarely recognized, and her fans appreciate it as well. The TV star has about 136,000 followers on the SMS service. The post with the new profile picture now has over 20,000 options.

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