Telekom is about to make a breakthrough: optical fibers are getting ridiculously fast

Telekom wants to stick with fiber optics — and for good reason. Fixed network connections over optical fibers should achieve speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s, and even more needs to be achieved. But this is still a long way off.

50 Gbit/s over optical fiber: Telekom shows where to go

Telekom wants to stick with its fiber optic links. We are currently working on Break the 10 Gbit/s limit. This does not mean that the limits of the possible have been exhausted.

Telekom proudly writes about “Internet without speed limit” – an ad with plenty of room for improvement. But it is clearly not a coincidence. In the test lab of the Center for Network Innovation in Darmstadt, one can currently manage “more than 8 Gbps” (source: Telecom). Next target is 10 Gbit/s limit Both directions, i.e. downstream and upstream.

The big advantage: The rapid leaps that Telekom plans to build are based on earlier fiber-optic technology. Where the express lines are already set up No more work necessary. What we need is the necessary technical equipment – from the supplier’s side as well as from the customer’s side.

The so-called XGS-PON is used for the possible 10 Gbit/s. The name is made from the Latin X for 10, GS is GB per second in both directions, ie about one sconstancy NSoptical nnetwork. In order to be able to offer 10G products to customers, we have to increase the data rate even more. The next generation is 25G. And 50G-PON systems are already visible on the horizon”, Ralph Lebla of the Telecom Innovation Center explains.

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Whether it’s fibre-optic, cable or DSL – anyone who wants to use fast internet at home should improve their WLAN. We’ll tell you how to do it Video:

Currently, one of them works in the Telekom optical network with a maximum of 2.5 Gbit / s. The speed is distributed over a maximum of 32 client connections, but not all of them will be used with full loads at the same time. In this way, rates of 1 Gbit/s in downloading and up to 200 Mbit/s in uploads can be achieved.

10, 25, 50 Gbit/s – when the time is up it’s still fully unlocked

If the network infrastructure remains the same, the maximum expansion phase to date could reach 50 Gbit / s in the network More than 20 Gbit/s available to customers be – a real ad. It just comes without a time frame. Visible on the horizon – it may take a while until then. The question of who needs this is also still open.


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