Home entertainment “German Comedy Award” 2021 as a repeat: a glimpse of all the nominations and winners

“German Comedy Award” 2021 as a repeat: a glimpse of all the nominations and winners

“German Comedy Award” 2021 as a repeat: a glimpse of all the nominations and winners

It’s time again: the 2021 German Comedy Prize has been awarded. You can find out how to see the event as a repeat as well as all the information on the nominations and winners here.

Comedian Caroline Kibekos at the 2020 German Comedy Award Presentation Ceremony.
Photo: Photo Alliance / dpa | Henning Kaiser

Year after year, the German elite is awarded the German Comedy Prize. On October 1, 2021, it was that time again and German comedians would be honored for their work. But this year a lot has changed at the German Comedy Award. We have collected information for you.

Did you miss the German Comedy Award on October 1, 2021? Online iteration in the media library

If you don’t have time to follow up on the awarding of the German Comedy Prize on October 1, 2021, the repetition is available as a video-on-demand on Joyn. But be careful! There may be costs. Unfortunately, the German Comedy Award will not be repeated on TV.

German Comedy Award 2021 – Nominations and Winners

First Saturday 1 This year, not only was the vote on the winners in the audience’s hands, the decision on who was nominated was up to the audience as well. The voting phase for nominations has already ended. Until August 27, the audience was able to vote from a pool of potential winners. There was also an opportunity to suggest other comedians who did not appear on the list.

Since September 17, the winners of the German Comedy Prize can be voted on. This is possible until the last minute. Because even during the live broadcast, there is the option to vote by phone or SMS.

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The nominees and winners of the German Comedy Award 2021

Best comedy show

Shee Cromer (first)
Laughing Out Loud: The Last Laugh (Amazon Prime Video)
Global Living Room (Youtube)
Schmidt Studio (ZDFneo)
Fresh Roasted Daily (RTL/TVNOW)

Best fantasy comedy

Ms. Jordan Equal (Joyn/ProSieben)
KBV – No Special Incidents (TVNOW)
You Don’t Die Among Friends (TVNOW/Vox)
About Christmas (Netflix) (previously excluded from the competition)
Slavic – on the neck of the state (gwen)

better spelling

ZDF Royal Journal (ZDF)
Today Show (ZDF)
Caroline Quebecos Show (1st)
Extra 3 (first)
Dittsche – Real Life (WDR)

Best comedian

Caroline Quebecos
Hazel Burger
Felix Lobrecht
Torsten Stratter

Bester comedy podcast

Ferm and Fluffy (Jean Bömmermann and Olly Schulze)
Mixed penetration (Felix Lobrecht and Tommy Schmidt)
Bratwurst and Baklava (Ozkan Kosar and Bastian Bellendorfer)
Baywatch Berlin (Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, Jakob Lundt, and Thomas Schmitt)
Pochers here! (Oliver Bucher and Princess Bucher)

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