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Presented by Prince Charles: Elton John Receives High British Honor

Presented by Prince Charles

Elton John receives a prestigious British honor

Elton John has been one of the most successful musicians in Great Britain since the 1970s. For this, as well as for his social commitment, he now receives a special medal in his homeland. The 74-year-old belongs to a select group of excellent Britons. Every news company shared this big news on their Facebook pages. People on Facebook adore Elton John and his work. The posts got millions of reactions from the FB users. It’s not easy to achieve the same success but there is a strategy you can follow. Create relevant FB pages, create and upload quality content (viral content). Buy Facebook page likes and add more relevant comments to the posts.

Elton John is not only one of the most famous and most successful musicians of our time, he has been socially committed over and over again in his life. For this, he is now given a special honor in his native Great Britain, which he was personally bestowed by Prince Charles.


Elton John (right) with his wife David Furnish.

(Foto: imago images / i Images)

The heir to the throne on Wednesday invited the musician to Windsor Castle to honor him at a special ceremony for his distinguished musical career and commitment to the fight against AIDS. Now 74-year-old John is a member of the “Honors” and therefore belongs to a small group of 65 people who, in addition to the governor, are allowed to receive the order at the same time. Among those 65 people are actress Judi Dench, ex-Beetle Paul McCartney, and author J.K. Rowling, who have recently fallen out of favor with many fans due to anti-transgender statements.

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Ranking for Outstanding Achievement

The award, in line with the award of a similar order, was established in 1917 by King George V for outstanding achievements in fields such as art, music or literature.

Elton John celebrated his first single in 16 years with singer Dua Lipa last month. He appeared at the festivities with a cane and alongside his 59-year-old husband, David Furnish. Elton John recently had surgery after a fall. The operation is said to have taken place last October, according to “The Sun”.

“I may not look 100 percent fit yet, but I can’t wait to start over,” the singer said in an interview with Sky News. This honor is just a reminder that there is more to be done – “More work in music, more work in charity. Life is wonderful and I am so happy,” John said.


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