Home entertainment Former ‘GNTM’ candidate reckons with model’s mom Heidi Klum: ‘The wrong person’

Former ‘GNTM’ candidate reckons with model’s mom Heidi Klum: ‘The wrong person’

Former ‘GNTM’ candidate reckons with model’s mom Heidi Klum: ‘The wrong person’
Not all of the former "GNTM"Candidates are good at talking to Heidi Klum.

Not all former GNTM candidates are good at talking to Heidi Klum.

Photo: heidiklum / instagram

With her show “The Next German Supermodel”, Heidi Klum paved the way for many women’s modeling career. On the show, she’s always in a good mood and easy-going, and she lovingly describes her candidates as “Meeeedchen.” However, not all would-be models who have been on the show so far speak well with the 48-year-old.

Natalie Falk, for example, who reached the ‘GNTM’ semi-finals in 2014 and now goes by stage name Miranda Degrand, has dealt multiple times against Klum. I now stepped up and made a clear announcement as part of an Instagram Q&A session.

Natalie Falk slammed against Heidi Klum

One fan wanted to know who the supermodel was on social media: “What do you think of Heidi Klum?” Then Natalie answered briefly in her story:

“Very wrong person.”

Natalie Falk Don't Smear Words.

Natalie Falk Don’t Smear Words.

Photo: mirandaadigrande / instagram

The 24-year-old did not provide a more detailed explanation for this statement, but there are indications from previous statements. For example, in 2016 she gave “strictTo: ‘I have to say Heidi is hardly doing anything this season. The other two jurors are likely to work. The girls do the show for her, she feels good and makes millions in the process. I can tell how it is.

In the same year, Natalie also took part in the jungle camp, where she also did not have good hair in the casting format. Here I specifically addressed the strict diet rules of show and the arguments between the candidates.

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At the end of 2020, she was contacted about Heidi on Instagram. A follower asked her if she would work with her. Natalie said: Better jump out the window voluntarily.


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