Home entertainment Tuner reads the history of Paul’s SMS with Gina!

Tuner reads the history of Paul’s SMS with Gina!

Tuner reads the history of Paul’s SMS with Gina!

at “Good times, bad times” The return cart is not long in coming.

after Tuner (Thomas Dreschl) he tried Emily (Anne Minden) Kissing depends on the friendship between him and Paul (Nichlas Osterloh) hanging by thread. Paul can’t forgive Tuner on the show, as he fears for his young family. He’ll soon realize he shouldn’t hit a tuner!

GZSZ Gernerthe television

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GZSZ: Tuner abused

Because the tuner is insulting. Not only because of the blow to Square in the face, but also because Paul seems to have interrupted Kate’s visit to his mother. When he accidentally puts his hands on Paul’s cell phone, he can’t control himself and reads his chat history with his affair Gina. She clearly says: “Last night was a mistake!”

Also interesting:

However, Tuner has no plans to tell Emily it was just a one-time slip. He did not hesitate and contacted Jenna and Canada. And she actually answers: “Paul, is that you?!”

how’s it going , You can already watch one week before the TV broadcast on RTL +.

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