Home entertainment Sylvester Stallone reveals the secret of “Rocky” with a new image KINO.de

Sylvester Stallone reveals the secret of “Rocky” with a new image KINO.de

Sylvester Stallone reveals the secret of “Rocky” with a new image KINO.de

Sylvester Stallone posted a picture of the movie “Rocky III” on social media, revealing a secret related to actor Hulk Hogan.

The “Rocky” movies have been a hit for decades and are still very popular with many. Despite the relatively small budget, Sylvester Stallone repeatedly managed to attract a large audience to the cinema halls. “Rocky III – The Eye of the Tiger” may not be the most popular in the series, but the film remains a classic and one of the most commercially successful works of the saga. In all, the sequel brought in $270 million on an estimated budget of just $17 million.

The series “Rocky” is one of the most successful sports films of all time. If you like this genre, our video has more tips for you.

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In the third part, he played some superstars like Mr.T (“A-Team”) and of course Apollo Creed actor Carl Weathers. The wrestler icon Hulk Hogan also appeared in “Rocky III” which Sylvester Stallone is now revealing a secret on Instagram. In the film, Thunderlips’ character Rocky and Hogan face each other in an exhibition match.

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When the two people face each other in the ring, Thunderlips looks much bigger than a boxer. As it turns out, the filmmakers helped out a bit by putting a small chest under the gladiator. Hulk Hogan was taller than Stallone, but this little trick made his opponent look even more impressive. Here you can see the photo that has now been posted:

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Many projects await us from the “Rocky Franchise

A revealing photo of “Rocky III” shows us that Stallone probably owns quite a bit of footage for the films in question. For this reason, we will soon have a directed version of the movie “Rocky IV” and a new trailer was released recently. In the modified version, there should be a total of 40 minutes of footage that was never shown. However, this is by no means all we can expect from the “Rocky” franchise.

Furthermore, Stallone is planning a prequel series for “Rocky,” which shows us what happened before the first movie. Also appears in 23. November 2022 “Crreed III” in American cinemas, in which Stallone will not participate this time. The “Rocky” franchise will be with us for a long time and who knows, if “Rocky IV” is well received, perhaps more “Rocky” classics can be remade.

Of course, Sylvester Stallone has also established himself as an action star. You can test how well you know your method about this genre here:

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