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Show business is very difficult…
In the “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (RTL), the top twenty-five went to Italy for summons abroad. What no one suspected, however, was that under the scorching sun of Puglia, a nasty surprise soon awaited, which caught the Silberian filter cold.

They boarded the plane with high hopes. Until now, it was only known that only ten of them participated in live performances. But that was not all. After each group was assigned a song, juror Toby Gad, 53, announced the bad news.

The successful Producer of Boys and Girls said: “You guys have come all the way here, it is beautiful here. But for some, the journey is already over tomorrow. Tomorrow we will send the four of you home.”

The shock was deep. Georgia, a resident of Mannheim (22 years old), almost lost faith. “We didn’t think so many would be fired.” So Florian Silberisen (40 years old) categorically advised: “Give everything! Be patient.”

However, not everyone was up to the challenge. Even the debut didn’t go well. Dean (24) sang with the other boys “Love Really Hurts Without You” by Billy Ocean, but did not know the lyrics.

Frankfurter was desperate. “I can only hope the jury will turn a blind eye.” But the tones did not match the others. So in the end everyone shuddered before the final decision. Ann Sophie, 27, had to tell Toby Gad: “Unfortunately, that was a bit disappointing today.” The blonde didn’t get a second chance and had to go instead.

The alien summoning happened against a wonderful backdrop in Puglia

The alien summoning happened against a wonderful backdrop in PugliaPhoto: RTL

It also ended up for companion in arms Anna (28). Her comment after the end: “I wish I could get my phone back right away so I can call my friend. Then I go home, feed my cats, and go on with my life as a nurse.”

When Silbereisen announced the exit of candidate Julia (20), things went dramatically. All dams have been broken in Hamburg. She sobbed through tears, “I trained hard to perform. A dream about to explode for me.” Daniel, 25, from Austria was the only one among the men who had to pack his bags.

Now only 21 young talents are hoping for the final…

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