Gray Wednesday marks the beginning of the 40-day Lent for Christians. It leads to Easter and is intended to prepare believers for the highest Christian feast. For some, fasting means abstaining from chocolate, alcohol or social media. For others, it may be the breaking of bad habits or the incorporation of good into everyday life.

Good habits: a positive effect on life

Adherence to a habit every day can have a positive impact throughout life. Bärbel Müller also enjoyed this. Once a week she would climb into the house. He has been training consistently in his sport for over 20 years. “It’s so much fun. You’re really clearing your head, you’re really moving,” the 57 – year – old says.

Bärbel Müller usually trains for two hours with his climbing partner, and he has now mastered several difficult climbing sections in the inner hall. Training is perfect – this proverb does not apply to sports alone. Anyone who reads a tool or learns a language needs regular and regular rehearsals and repetition.

A new daily setting has effect up to the smallest detail

Oliver Behrend, evangelical theologian and head of the Spiritual Center in Esteen, Nuremberg, says that spirituality can also be practiced. For example, by constantly praying and meditating. It’s a life – changing practice, and Behrend firmly believes: “It’s really shaping life. I feel good, I feel different. Perhaps to put it mildly: I’m more on the relationship level.”

According to theologians, if you structure your day differently, it affects small details. Spiritual exercises can positively enrich and deepen life.

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Psychologist: Happiness can be practiced

Small daily steps can make life better. It shows positive psychology. Their concern is to enhance personal well-being. Practicing happiness in a certain way, explains psychologist Irmgard Mausz. He is a trainer at the Center for Leadership and People Management at LMU in Munich.

“For example, you can review that day daily. How do you think my day was there? What was my day like today?” Says Mouse. If you usually write three positive things in the evening, it “actually has a positive effect or at least a positive correlation with well-being”. According to the psychologist, this has been scientifically proven.

Lent as an incentive to try new things

Sports can enhance well-being, Irmgard Mausz adds. It is a pleasure to learn something new. Bärbel Müller enjoys training regularly in the climbing gym: “The most important thing is that it’s fun. And you want to do it, that’s why you back off, and then keep trying. If it does not work right away, do not give up immediately.”

Seen in this way, Lent becomes a stimulus to try and practice new things.


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