Annemarie gave her account number to Wayne Carpendale the first time they met

In 2013, Wayne Carpendale and Anne Marie (at the time still Warrencross) said yes. The two met at a party in Mallorca, and there was probably a little alcohol involved.

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When Anne Marie and Wayne Carpendale first met, they were both celebrating. They saw each other at a party in Mallorca in 2007 and were so happy that he asked for her number. The 43-year-old made a mistake.

“Maybe there was also a little alcohol”

“My account number started out in a similar way to my cell phone number,” Anne-Marie Carpendale recalled years later in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag.” “Then I somehow drifted mentally during the dictation. There was probably a little alcohol as well,” she admits, “but somehow we found each other again.”

How did this work Despite the missing mobile number, the two of them don’t really want to go out with the language. “You sent your money,” Wayne Carpendale jokes. But then he explains more seriously: “I’ll try to describe it charmingly: Even without a number, we didn’t lose sight of each other in the weeks that followed.”

Annemarie Carpendale admitted there was “extra time” after the party. They bumped into each other on the way home. However, no further details should be disclosed.

The two TV stars got married in Ibiza in 2013. The presenter “Red” was with comedian Oliver Bucher from 2002 to 2004. The actor was in a relationship with singer and actress Yvonne Caterfield from 2004 to 2007. In May 2018, the son of Anne Marie and Wayne Carpindel was born: Mads.

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