Home entertainment Carmen Jess: Anger blast on TV! Is his daughter Shania gone away?

Carmen Jess: Anger blast on TV! Is his daughter Shania gone away?

Carmen Jess: Anger blast on TV!  Is his daughter Shania gone away?

Her two daughters, Shania and Davina, are the most important thing in the world to Carmen Jess. But even a mother’s patience has its limits. With a bold act, the 17-year-old drives her mother into despair. Did you go away?

Has Shania Jess gone too far with her job?
Photo: RTLZwei

TV millionaires fans were Robert and Carmen Jess We should look forward to the new episodes.”Jason family”, which will air on Monday, March 7, 2022 on RTLZWEI from 8:15 PM. Because the current preview clip promises a lot of drama to beloved millionaires even before the TV broadcast.

‘The Geissens’: Preview reveals an outburst of rage in Carmen Geiss

In the new “Die Geissens” episode, Robert and Carmen Geiss don’t seem to get tangled up in each other’s hair, but daughter Shania tests her parents’ patience with a daring act. the black pocket, which the 17-year-old can, according to Papa Robert, call herself after passing a driving test, is too boring for boys. Totally spontaneous Shania Jess To spray bottle and “decorate” the jeep currently owned by millionaire Robert.

Shania Jess sprayed Papa Robert Jess’ Jeep

While the rest of the Geiss family enjoy beer, Shania decorates the jeep with Minnie Mouse and her handprints, and also sprays her name on the hood. The 17-year-old is not worried that her parents might freak out at the sight. Like the mantra, she kept repeating that the car would become her relative and she could do whatever she wanted with it.

“are you crazy?!” Carmen Jess gets upset

But it seems that Shania was calculating without her mother. When Carmen Jess caught her daughter spraying the jeep, she was stunned. “What are you doing in the car?” Carmen Jess wants to know who her daughter is. She shouted again after a while: “What are you doing in the car?” Perplexed in her voice. “are you crazy?!” But even in front of her shocked mother, Shania defends her actions. “This is my car and I can do whatever I want with my car!”

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You can see on Monday at RTLZWEI if she’s wrong.

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