Fans worried after Phil Collins debut - 'So sad to see her'

After a 13-year hiatus, Genesis celebrated a theatrical return in Birmingham yesterday. Phil Collins didn’t make the best impression – even if he gave it his all.

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The mischievous smile is still there, but the energy with which Phil Collins ran from one edge of the stage to the other until the late 2000s seems to be gone. “It’s very sad to see,” said one fan in a video of the performance on Instagram and another Phil Collins certified. “The tour is over before it even started,” said a pessimist among Genesis fans.

The reason was the band’s debut after a break of more than 13 years. After scheduled concerts in Dublin and Belfast were canceled, all eyes were on Birmingham yesterday evening. There Collins played with his teammates in the crowded “Utelita Arena”, which has a capacity of more than 15,000 people.

Collins has been suffering from severe back problems since 2009

But the previous bundle of energy was now sitting like a pile of misery on a chair – and it did not shake the platform, but only straightened its bottom. “I have health issues and it’s very frustrating,” the 70-year-old said in an interview with the BBC before the tour began. When asked if he could even play drums again, he said: “No, I would, but I can’t even hold a handle in my hand anymore.”

"last domino"Reunion Tour: In Birmingham, Phil Collins was only performing while seated.  (Source: imago images/cover photos)‘Last Dominoes’ reunion tour: In Birmingham, Phil Collins performed while only sitting. (Source: cover photos / imago photos)

Since having back surgery in 2009 and another procedure in 2015, the Londoner has been walking on a cane because his right foot is paralyzed. In 2017, he had a serious fall due to his walking disability.

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But Phil Collins wasn’t the only one who lacked the strength for a permanent concert. 70-year-old guitarist and bassist Mike Rutherford had to pull his four letters in the meantime. 71-year-old Tony Banles had it easier: He’s on the keyboard anyway. Only Phil Collins’ son Nick was radiant with energy, and at twenty he pushed the band’s average age down.

“England and America tour will be enough for me”

But no matter how bad Phil Collins’ health was, he persevered. The music star has sung Genesis songs like “Mama”, “Turn It On Again”, and “I Can’t Dance” without a certain amount of self-mockery. Show tenacity: The concerts on the current tour last three hours. But the band is celebrating farewell with its 37-car tour of England and America.

“The England and America tour would be enough for me,” Collins recently noted in an interview with music magazine Mojo. If he sticks to it, there will be no more malicious comments – and Phil Collins can enjoy his retirement and protect his health.


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