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Deutsche Post begins strategic cooperation with data management provider The Adex


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Deutsche Post headquarters in Bonn – Photo: Imago Images

Deutsche Post and Adex cooperate to link online and offline data in accordance with data protection regulations. They also want to enable the combination of online advertising and classic print correspondence as part of automated advertising campaigns.

According to the Deutsche Post, advertisers can simultaneously process target groups online and in print. For this purpose, Adex divides the data stored by partners in its data management platform (DMP) in a channel-neutral manner into target groups, which can then be accessed via different ad channels.

According to Swiss Post, the premium animal feed supplier is the first customer to use the new solution. To this end, Adex designs the target group “female dog owners, between 30 and 50 years old, with a single-family home, and a high net family income,” for which the provider then writes a postcard in person.

According to the announcement, the app is expanding the bridge between the internet and the offline

“People are online and offline, digital and physical,” says Lars Schlumbach, Head of Partner and Development Management Dialogue, Marketing at Deutsche Post. “Together with Adex, we bring the best of both worlds together: dynamic, sharp online target groups with a powerful 1:1 channel that integrates a haptic touch point into the digital customer journey.”

The new solution adds another application to Programmatic Print Mailing and thus expands the bridge between online and offline. Advertisers can already use offline retargeting to deal with unfamiliar website visitors or shopping cart leavers using print correspondence. Regardless of a specific reason – such as visiting a website – the entire target group segments are included, as Adex allows advertisers to digitally address.

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Adex and Deutsche Post are already looking at other options

For advertisers, this means that they can use Adex to use a wide range of target groups according to 25 categories such as age and/or interests for advertising communication. Target groups can then not only be dealt with through automated online advertising, but also by print mail. So offline campaigns are controlled on the basis of data from digital user profiles – if desired, on a database unified with an online campaign.

In the next step, Deutsche Post announced that the two partners intend to expand these opportunities as part of their strategic partnership. Then users must also be engaged through digital advertising with the help of classic home data from microcell database. For example, advertisers can also process target groups from online postal geomarketing campaigns.


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