Jimmie Surles Special: She is the most important woman in the life of a

Jimmie Surles is no stranger to ‘Let’s Dance. He’s actually developed choreography behind the scenes. Now he’s in the spotlight himself and lets her tear up on the dance floor. How does the new guy beat in particular?’

How does dancer Jimmy Surless tick in secret?
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Jimmy Surless is the man who choreographed the erotic choreography for professional dancers.”let’s go dancingMany fans of the dance show didn’t know it until the first episode of seasons nine, on February 25, when the show opened with a hot dance number with Victoria Swarovski. And in the second episode, he finally comes out of the shadows and celebrates his debut as backup dance partner Lilly zu Sayn Wittgenstein Berleburg. Who is the background dancer?

From Banker to Dancer: The Career of Jimmy Sorrells

Being described as a jack of all trades is perfect. Jimmie Surles initially did a dry apprenticeship as a bank employee and then went on to study Marketing. But his passion for dancing had already captured the Stuttgart native. Because for him, dancing means “playing music, letting it open and showing your heart and soul,” he explains in Minkoff Dance Academy website Quoted. Driven by this, he was already dancing Latin American ballroom dances at the age of 16. He discovered himself funk, soul or hip-hop. While he was concentrating on his studies, he was assigned to teach urban dance styles at the New York City School of Dance in Stuttgart. During this time he formed his talent in Los Angeles, where he now resides – and decided to leave class just to dance.

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“Let’s Dance” star Jimmie Surles has already danced with Mariah Carey

It turned out that this decision was a success. He has danced as a dancer for Mariah Carey and the Pussycat Dolls. He also has experience as a professional dancer. In the dance show “You Can Dance” he reached the final. However, in recent years he has increasingly focused on training and creating theatrical productions. In addition to dance lessons, he trains models and influencers such as Lisa and Lena. In addition, he designed fashion shows for Adidas and several TV shows such as “Beste Show der Welt” (ProSieben) or “Austria’s Next Supermodel”.

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Does sexy Jimmy Surless have a girlfriend in private?

Not only his movements attract people. Jimmy Sorrells isn’t afraid to show the world his perfect body. Anyone who follows him on Instagram will hardly be able to breathe. There he not only shares shirtless recordings or his dance performances. His photo collection also includes old model photos in which he appears half-naked. His followers love the pictures. Will he win the heart of a woman with it? This is not clear. He is silent about his private life and his relationship.

Heart for mom! Jimmy Surles likes his mom

Instead, he talked to Instagram about his mom, the most important woman in his life. “My mother is the strongest woman I know and has always fought for her rights and for her children of color, which was not easy in Germany in the late 1970s.” He admires her for fighting injustice – also to him and his sister.

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