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Electric cars are also popular in Germany due to government subsidies. But what does that look like in concrete numbers? The Federal Motor Vehicle Transportation Authority is now providing information about this through a January 1, 2022, Vehicle Inventory Notice.

Accordingly, 618,460 purely electric cars were registered at that time. The number of hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars has reached 1,669,051 units. The share of BEV in the total number of passenger cars increased to 1.3%, an increase of almost 100% compared to the same period last year. However, the percentage is still low, even with a PHEV of 1.3 percent despite doubling. Exactly 565,956 plug-in hybrids are registered in Germany.

The number of cars registered with an electronic plate on January 1, 2022 doubled to 1,076,917 units. Hydrogen cars have a stock of 1,211 cars. Overall, the KBA estimates the number of cars in the “alternative engines” segment, including those powered by gas, at 2.7 million.

A total of 485,40878 passenger cars were registered in Germany. The number of passenger cars from the Euro 6 emissions group increased by almost 11% to about 19.8 million units. Approximately 2.8 million of them meet the 6d emission standard.

Despite record sales and record growth of 93 percent in Germany, exactly 66,422 Tesla brand cars were registered in Germany. For comparison: Volkswagen has by far the largest number of vehicles in the car fleet with about 10.2 million.

But the numbers from the KBA also prove another fact: While some drivers treat themselves to new bonus e-cars, many drivers are forced to drive longer and longer. The average age of cars currently registered is 10.1 years.

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What will happen next for vehicles with electronic plates? Support for pure electric cars will continue for a long time, while the premium for plug-in hybrid cars will expire or be significantly modified at the end of 2022. Here you can find out what innovations manufacturers have planned for the near future. In addition, we will always keep you updated in this regard.


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