Also MH-47G Black II Chinook for US Special Forces
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The U.S. Army has ordered six more MH-47G Black II Chinook helicopters for US Army Special Operations Command (USASOAC). According to Boeing, the company plans to deliver six machines from 2024 to US $ 195 million (8 168 million).

A total of 36 helicopters of this type have now been ordered for USASOAC, the first five of which have already been delivered, Boeing said.

With the Block II, the performance and efficiency of the Boeing helicopter has been enhanced by improved configuration and weight reduction measures. This allowed to increase the carrying capacity and at the same time increase the range.

Boeing says the new MH-47 Chinook will join a fleet of more than 950 helicopters operated by 19 countries worldwide, including the U.S. military and eight NATO nations.

As part of the Heavy Transport Helicopter Project, the Boeing CH-53K will be one of two suppliers with the CH-47 Chinook in conjunction with Lockheed Martin. However, the project is currently on hold. Observers expect BMVg’s new acquisition with a special fund of 100 billion euros to speed up the process by concluding a preemptive contract.

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