They belonged to one of the most successful bands from the show “Popstars”: “Bro’Sis” captured German hearts in 2001. Ross Anthony (47), Hila Bronstein (38), Shaham Joyce (43), Fayez Manghat ( 41), Indira Wes (42) and Giovanni Zarella (43) hits like “I Believe” or “Do You” after another. While “Bro’Sis” was the starting point for their careers for Ross Anthony or Giovanni Zarrella, one pulled out of the audience: “Bro’Sis” favorite Shaham Joyce. Fans are happy to see a little reunion of their fellow cast members once again. Zarella shared an arm of a selfie with Joyce on Instagram. The 43-year-old writes: “Brother my love … and me.” “A lot changes, but some of it does. That’s cool,” followed other poignant lines. It seems as if the two musicians have not forgotten each other over the years and the bright faces in the photo say more than 1,000 words.

Curious to know how Joyce’s grease has changed? Then click the video above!

This is what ‘Bro’Sis’ star Shaham Joyce is doing today

Shahem Joyce has turned his back on the spotlight after his music career. While Ross Anthony and Giovanni Zarella are still out in public today, the 43-year-old has taken a different path. The former musician lives with his two daughters and wife Marisa Benvenuto (37 years old) in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, and enjoys his life as a family man. He started working with his wife himself and runs his own coffee brand as well as two related stores and an online store. Shaham’s wife said in an interview with “”. To the dismay of fans, Joyce appears to have her hands full in the company of her two daughters and daughters, that they have to wait in vain for the stage to return.

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