On Saturday (March 26, 2022) the movie “Mission – Searching for the Spear of Destiny” was shown on television. Did you miss the feature film? You can read all the information about the repetition online in the media center and on TV here at news.de.

Quest – Chase the Spear of Destiny on Super RTL
Photo: Super RTL, transmitted by FUNKE Magazines

On Saturday (March 26, 2022) the feature film “The Quest – The Quest for the Spear of Destiny” was shown on television. Didn’t arrive at 8:15 PM Great RTL Would you like to listen to see the Peter Winther movie? Take a look at the Super RTL media library. This offers many online TV contributions as video on demand for broadcast – also and above all after the respective broadcast on TV. You can usually find the program in your media library after it has been broadcast on your TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all shipments. Unfortunately, there will be no repetition of Super RTL on classic TV at the moment.

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“The Quest – Hunt for the Spear of Destiny” on TV: This is what action adventure is all about

When student Flynn Carsen took a job as a librarian at the Metropolitan Library, he had no idea what adventure awaited him there. The greatest treasures in human history are stored in a secret wing of the building. Including the holy spear. According to tradition, whoever possesses it becomes invulnerable. When a spear is stolen, Carsen sets off on a global hunt to save the world. (Source: Super RTL, quoted by FUNKE magazines)

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“The Quest – Hunt for the Spear of Destiny”: a sneak peek of all the cast and info

at: great rtl

to: Peter Winther

With: Noah Weil, Sonia Walger, Kyle MacLachlan, Bob Newhart, Jane Curtin, Olympia Dukakis, Kelly Ho, Lisa Brenner, David Diane Fisher, Mario Evan Martinez, Clyde Kusatsu, Jose Montini, Alejandra Julas, Jessica Moreno, Mauricio Lira, Antonio Monroy Luis Lyon, Mark Franco, Kirk M Petrocelli and Michael Ruskin

script: David N. teacher

camera: Alan Kiss

Music Joseph Luduka

TypeMiscellaneous, Adventure, Action, and Fantasy

year of production: 2004

FSK: Approved for ages 12 and up

original title: “Librarian: Searching for the Spear”

in high definition: Yes

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