Alerte danger : des pesticides dangereux dans 50% des fruits et légumes selon UFC Que Choisir

Pesticides are harmful products. Chemicals used in agriculture to control animal and plant pests of crops. Some insecticides are more dangerous than others. Some are even banned in France and Europe. Even checks are a must. And those presented by the consumer association UFC Que Choisir deliver a disastrous outcome. Our colleagues in the newspapers Send Describe the main elements of the association’s report on the subject. objection He informs you of this disturbing note. By first noting that 50% of fruits and vegetables from intensive farming contain pesticides that are potentially very dangerous to health. chemical products “Carcinogenic, reproductive toxic, nucleic acid or endocrine disruptor” Define pairing.

Pesticides are found in 50% of our fruits and vegetables

It’s a warning that the UFC Que Choisir issued on March 24th should not be taken lightly. By disclosing the results of her study, she informs consumers so that they can adapt their consumption patterns with a concern for their health. And for good reason, at least 150 hazardous substances have been found in our fruits and vegetables. However, this study presented in this outline to our colleagues in Send, on at least 14,000 medical examinations. And of course the fruits and vegetables for sale all over France. And therefore , objection Do not hide from you that the formula Eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day. loses its attractiveness. Vegetables and fruits are definitely good for your health, but only if they are not covered in pesticides!

In fact, these toxic products can have serious consequences for consumers. Some pesticides can disrupt the body to the point of developing cancer. Others are toxic to reproduction, that is, they will render consumers sterile. Finally, some pesticides can have terrible effects on unborn babies. Our colleagues from Send I mention in this case one of the factors of endocrine disruption that contributed to the development of malformations in the head and brain. Still according to the analyzes provided by UFC Que Choisir, we can find it In more than a quarter of grapefruits Analyzed (27.4%), pyrroxyphene, strongly Suspected of being an endocrine disorder and To have contributed to the occurrence of deformities in the head And the brain observed in Brazil »can we read

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But if this example is particularly shocking, the overall result should be alarming. Because Consumers’ Association health controls show that more than 50% of fruits and vegetables from intensive farming contain pesticides that pose a health risk.

What are the most contaminated products?

Panic dominates consumers and this is normal. corn objection It won’t surprise you to be told that eating fruits and vegetables remains essential to health. So how do you incorporate the UFC Que Choisir studies and continue to eat healthy? For this, our colleagues from Send They have looked into useful and subtle details. In particular, she points out, the Consumers’ Association points the finger at cherries and apples as the worst students. In fact, 80% of the apple samples examined showed traces of pesticides. And in 48% of cases it is endocrine disorders. But 92% of cherry samples may therefore be hazardous to health. So these are two types of fruit that should be chosen more carefully in the future.

UFC Que Choisir doesn’t leave consumers in trouble either. The association specifies that fruits and vegetables from organic farming contain fewer pesticides. Because “Prohibition of synthetic pesticides for this production mode”, select our colleagues. After all, the #1 Consumer Protection and Media Association regrets this remark. Because this means that to consume fruits and vegetables without pesticides, the French must necessarily turn to more expensive offerings. There is another terrible social inequality because it directly affects health.

“According to the recommendations of the National Program for Healthy Nutrition (PNNS) of the Ministry of Health, organic farming products are therefore a treat for consumers, especially the most Sensitive to the effects of these molecules: pregnant women, children and adolescents. »sets out the UFC Que Choisir.

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