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Die Höhle der Löwen (Vox): Angry Dagmar Wöhrl founders cancel the deal via SMS

Dagmar Wöhrl settles accounts with “Kulero” founders (photo montage)

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Dagmar Wöhrl invests in startups with edible spoons, but the deal fails after long negotiations. The lioness is now settling accounts with the founders on Instagram and wishing them “all the best”.

Cologne – The Vox “Die Höhle der Löwen” program is a good opportunity for small startups to get a little financial support and good advice from entrepreneurs and investors (all information about the offer is available here). But not all founders have these intentions when they appear on the TV show. There are also “founders who come to the show not to get a deal, but to broadcast,” says the lioness Dagmar and Harl (66).

This is precisely the case with founders Hemant Chawla (26) and Juliane Schöning (26), who want to inspire investors with their edible spoons made from chickpeas and a cereal base. Because of their tough negotiating strategy, many Lions shy away from the deal, because the founders ask for € 200,000 for just 10% of their firm Nils Glagau (45), Nico Rosberg (35) and Dagmar Wöhrl (here all the investors at a glance) proposing a pooled deal to the founders. They claim a 33% stake for 200,000 euros. So much for founders.

The Lion’s Den: Dagmar sees potential in “Colero”

But Dagmar Wöhrl sees the potential and decides to invest in the startup. Offers 200,000 euros for 15%. The founders also reject this offer. Supposedly, support for the other lions, Niels Glagau and Nico Rosberg, will be included in the 15%. (Read here: First deal from DHDL’s new season blowout – “Compasstrainer” without Nils Glagau).

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Despite the rejection, the 66-year-old businessman decided to set aside 10% to invest € 200,000 in edible spoons. Happy ending? Unfortunately no, because there is a bad surprise for the investor. Shortly after that, the founders canceled the deal by email. Personal conversation never happens, which of course the lioness regrets a lot. Nevertheless, she wishes the founding duo “all the best” on Twitter.

Entrepreneur Dagmar Worl comments on “Kulero” -Aus on Twitter

© Screen capture / Twitter

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Lion’s Den: Fans disappointed by “Colero” founders

but that is not all! Fans of the show comment on Dagmar Furl’s contribution and are outraged by the news. “Okay, I’m going to write it off the shopping list. Not like that,” one user writes. Another Twitter user believes, “VOX should bill production costs and airtime retroactively. Such commercials spoil the program.”

You can see how the show continues and any emerging ideas throwing investors out of their socks every Monday at 8.15 p.m. on Vox (here all the broadcast dates at a glance).


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