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Anna Maria Verschi proudly presents the Triple Children’s Room!

Anna Maria Verchichi (39 years old) has finished preparing the children’s room for triplets! The wife of rapper Bushido (43 years old) is in the 34th week of pregnancy and repeatedly stuns the Internet with her stomach XXL. Beauty is already impatiently waiting for delivery. Everything has already been prepared for the arrival of the three children. Show on the internet I am Maria Now proudly ready-made nursery for girls.

via Instagram The 39-year-old shared some impressions of the lovingly designed room and exclaimed: “The baby’s triple room is finally ready!” Pictures include magical cribs, changing table and above all Anna Marias Impressive baby ball to see. Standing in the prepped nursery is a very special feeling for Sarah Connor’s sister (41). “Every time I walk by the crib, I feel a tingling in my stomach”Excited brunette. Your husband seems to like it, too. “You did it really well,” Bushido commented. “We’re so ready.”

After one of the triplets was critical until recently, some anxious fans have noted that the facility can only be seen from two copies. “Of course we have three beds, but since they sleep together in one bed at first, we have a bed and changing table downstairs in our living room.”to explain I am Maria in the comment column.

Anna Maria Verschi and Bushido
Anna Maria Versice and Triple Bushido Children's Room

Instagram / anna_maria_ferchichi

Anna Maria Versice and Triple Bushido Children’s Room
Anna Maria Ferchichi in August 2021

Instagram / anna_maria_ferchichi

Anna Maria Ferchichi in August 2021
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