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ZDF TV Garden: Kiewel terrorizes the audience – ‘Stop it’, Koch wants to stop them in vain

Andrea Kewell eats cream of peanuts – despite the allergy.

© screenshot ZDF / Fernsehgarten

At ZDF “Fernsehgarten,” a star chef prepares a dish of street food for Andrea Kewell. She breastfeeds happily as she explains: “No risk, no fun!”

Lerchenberg – Instead of a Mallorca version, Andrea Kewell presented the TV Garden on Sunday, July 25 as usual at ZDF’s outdoor studios in Lerchenberg. With singers like Paulina Wagner or Hansi Hinterser. And the kitchen was not neglected either, Kiewel visited a prepared food truck in the live broadcast.

ZDF TV Garden: Andrea Kewell Feeds Peanut Cream — And She’s Allergic To It

And in it stands star chef Alexander Comptner, whose “kiwi” conjures something on the plate. “Salad with mint, cilantro, rice vinegar…,” Austrian chef explains his recipe, while Andrea Kewell scoops up the dish with a spoon and her finger. “Hmmm, huge,” she says with conviction and continues to feed her. “I love coriander.” Then Comptner calls out, “Try the cream of peanuts!” And right after that he asks: “Do you like peanuts?” Kewell says yes, but adds, “I’m allergic, but it doesn’t matter.” Perhaps Alexander Comptner thinks you don’t hear it right: “Stop, don’t!” He shouted angrily and took Kewell by her wrist to stop her from pushing the full spoon into her mouth. But she is unstoppable and explains: “It’s delicious! No fun not to risk!”

Star Chef Competitor prepares to replace broker

Alexander Competner is finally baffled and says, “Okay, I’ll continue moderation here, no problem at all.” Fortunately, Andrea Kewell can offer all the clarity: You won’t get anaphylactic shock right away. “Then a little numbness in the tongue and then it’s fine again,” said the moderator. She prefers to bring the subject back to power: “Power is really good.” Comptner can’t help but think “yes”.

Alexander Comptner and Andrea Kewell.

© screenshot ZDF / Fernsehgarten

The spectator is aghast: “She’s about to tremble on the floor!”

Of course, the event was not hidden from the public either. “If Kiwi has to go to the hospital, we have enough better admins available,” one user angrily wrote on Twitter. Another found the behavior negligent, adding: “No risk, no fun.” Oh, what the hell with allergies, kiwi. You will tremble on the ground in an instant! Strange situation, a third person thinks: ‘Mrs. Kiwi gets a spoon.’ And enter with your finger. And everyone is waiting for anaphylactic shock.”

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