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Found Love?: That Became From “Singles”

Found Love?: That Became From “Singles”

Found love?
It became a “bachelor”

From Wednesday, the all-important question will again be: What charming screw will get the last rose? Maxim Herboard is now the eighth “bachelor” looking for a “master of truth”. But how were her ancestors in love?

Monica Evankan


Monica Evankan

(photo: photo)

She was the first “bachelorette” in history: In 2004, 27-year-old model Monica Ivankan was searching for the pot that could fit her cover among 25 nominees. The season was filmed on the Cote d’Azur. Ivankan’s choice fell on policeman Mark Quinkenstein. However, their connection ended three weeks after shooting ended, thus even before the show aired. Later, the pink lady again caught the attention of the media with her love life: between 2005 and 2009, she was in a relationship with comedian Oliver Bucher.

After two failed relationships in the public eye, Ivancan has now found her own happiness: She’s been with financial businessman Christian Meyer since 2012, and the two married in June 2015. She has since been known as Meier-Ivancan. The couple have two children. Daughter Rosa was born in May 2013, and son Anton was born in April 2016. Mark Quinkenstein, however, withdrew from the audience after his participation in “The Bachelor”.

Anna Hoffbauer


Anna Hoffbauer

(Foto: picture alliance / dpa)

For several years, Anna Hoffbauer and the winner of the second ‘Bachelorette’ season, Marvin Albrecht, have been considered proof that couples can be happy together even after the end of the dome shows. Ten years after her predecessor Ivankan, the second “bachelorette” fell in love with Portugal in 2014 with the man from Dusseldorf, who received from her the last rose. After a few months of long distance relationships, Hoffbauer moved from Berlin to Düsseldorf for Albrecht. In 2015 the couple won the RTL dance show “Steping Out” together. After nearly three years of relationship, the musical actress announced the separation in February 2017. In an interview with RTL, she later said that she failed due to different attitudes on the issues of having children and future plans.

Meanwhile, both candidates have found new love. In the fall of 2017, she broke up between Hoffbauer and former “Forbidden Love” actor Mark Barthel. The couple lives together in Berlin. The first son Leo was born in 2019 and the two got married in December 2020. Shortly after the birth, the two actors were seen together on camera in the German crime series “Notruf Hafenkante”. Meanwhile, Marvin Albrecht is in a relationship with model Simone Voss.

Alyssa Birch


Alyssa Birch

(Photo: RTL/Stefan Gregorowius)

In 2015, teacher Alyssa Birch chose fitness trainer Patrick Koninka as a “Bachelor” out of 20 men. Sparks flew between them in Portugal, too. But the love did not last long. In March 2016, they announced their separation on their Instagram channels. No one mentioned a reason for the relationship ending. The following year, Birch took a break on social media and withdrew from the public.

In mid-August 2020, the former “bachelorette” surprisingly announced her engagement on Instagram. She appeared with her partner and a ring on her finger and wrote “Yes! #Engaged” on the post. It is not known who the new man besides her. After his split from former bachelor’s degree candidate Denise Merten in 2017, Koninka announced his relationship with influencer Fiona Villaveccia in July 2019.

Jessica Paszka

After not working in love with Jessica Paszka on “The Bachelor” in 2014, she tried her luck in 2017 as “Bachelorette”. In Marbella, Spain, she met twenty men and ultimately decided in favor of Eskimo drummer David Friedrich – and thus against runner-up Johannes Haller. But the relationship of the “bachelorette” spouses lasted only a few months. In September 2017, Friedrich announced the separation from Paszka on Instagram.

Jessica Paszka bachelorette.jpg

Jessica Paszka

(Photo: RTL/Aria Shirazi)

After having an affair with footballer Agden Hrustek from 2018 to 2019, the former “bachelorette” is now in a relationship with his almost-choice Johannes Haller. When pictures of the two’s secret kiss surfaced in Ibiza, the couple confirmed their relationship in early October on the late-night show “Is It?” by Chris Tal. Shortly thereafter, Paszka posted the first photo of the couple with Haller. In mid-December 2020, she announced her pregnancy. A few weeks later, she also posted her engagement ring. On May 6, 2021, the two announced the birth of their daughter.

On the other hand, David Friedrich, “Bachelor” candidate Maxime Herbord introduced his new girlfriend in March 2019. In February 2021, they publicly announced their separation. Herbord had voluntarily dropped out of ‘The Bachelor’ season with Daniel Foles as Rosenkavalier – and is now looking for the right person as the new ‘Bachelorette’.

Nadine Klein

In 2018, a former ‘Bachelor’ candidate was allowed to seek love on TV as ‘Bachelor’: Nadine Klein had previously failed the same year after Daniel Falls sent her home in Episode 5. For this she gave herself roses in the fifth season of “The Bachelorette”. Your last personal trainer received Alexander Hendersmann. After that, the two showed themselves as a happy couple in joint appearances such as an Oktoberfest visit. In November 2018, we announced their split. Klein later blamed public pressure for the failure of their relationship.


Nadine Klein

(Photo: MG RTL D / Arya Shirazi)

In May 2019, Klein announced on Instagram that there was a new man by her side. Your friend Tim comes – like little – from Berlin. The two keep their love out of the public eye.

On the other hand, Alexander Hendersmann participated in the subsequent “Singles” season with Gerda Lewis after his relationship with Klein ended and then in “Bachelor in Heaven”. Both times, he left the respective format as one. In June 2020, he announced his relationship with former ‘Bachelor’ candidate Yulita Bisuk. She previously competed for “The Bachelor” Sebastian Prius. The couple announced their separation in September 2020.

Gerda Lewis


Gerda Lewis

(Photo: TVNOW/Aria Shirazi)

Influencer and former “German Next Supermodel” candidate Gerda Lewis became her sixth “bachelor”. In 2019, she is looking for the man of her dreams in RTL format. In Greece, project architect Kino Rost emerged as an early favorite. He also received the last rose for the model. Nearly six weeks after the final broadcast in September, “The Bachelorette” and “East Friesian” have gone their separate ways again. During a joint vacation in California, the couple remarked that they were “closer to friends” to each other, Lewis said on her Instagram story in mid-October.

The former “bachelorette” doesn’t seem to have a good talent for love. In early 2020, her relationship with wrestler Melvin Belzer made her famous with a kiss photo. After moving in together a short time later, the couple announced their separation in July. Lewis admitted that ex-boyfriend Armist played a role in the breakup, but there was no love back between the “Bachelorette” couple. Alternatively, Armor can be seen in the new dating format “My date, my best friend & I”.

Melissa Damelia

Just like Paszka and Klein, Melissa D’Amelia had experience on the dating show in 2020, but not as a former “Bachelor” candidate. Instead, Damelia participated in RTLzwei’s dome show “Love Island” in 2019. But it shouldn’t work out with love, so she started looking for love as a “bachelor”. She celebrated her happy ending with winner Leander Sacher, with whom she is still happy today. She returns to Love Island in 2021 with a different ability. She moderated the subsequent conversation with Jimmy Blue Ochenknecht.

How will Maxim Herboard fare? ‘The Bachelorette’ can be watched from July 14th every Wednesday at 8:15 PM on RTL anytime Available on TVNOW. You can also find more information about the offer at RTL.de.

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