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Pietro Lombardi, 29, praises Julian Engels, 28! Along with ex-wife Sarah Ingels (28), the DSDS star gave birth to a son in 2015: Alessio Lombardi is the pride of his parents. The two musicians share custody of the six-year-old. This means that the new school kid also spends a lot of time with them pleasant new man. so he did Petro However, there is absolutely no problem – on the contrary: he actually values ​​Julian very much!

This will become clear in the next episode of the Henssler Summer Special of The Grill, which is already on TVNow available. As Pietro struggles to eat dessert, he talks candidly about his blended family – and his relationship with the former professional footballer: “He’s a great guy, a good guy. He’s also the only one I can trust in Alessio”The 29-year-old is excited. Anyone who knows him well knows: It’s a really big compliment from an authentic dad!

Unlike Sarah, Pietro hasn’t found his lifelong partner – but he’s not giving up on the hunt! What qualities should a woman have according to his taste? “He needs a completely normal, down-to-earth girl by his side.”, reveals his girlfriend and TV presenter Jana Ina Zarella (44) in one RTLAn interview about the show.

Alessio and Pietro Lombardi, July 2019

Instagram / _pietrolombardi_

Alessio and Pietro Lombardi, July 2019
Julian and Sarah Engels with Alessio
Pietro Lombardi in “Love Island”
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