Home entertainment Bill Kaulitz annoys Tom with his choice of words: “Oldschool macho behavior.”

Bill Kaulitz annoys Tom with his choice of words: “Oldschool macho behavior.”

Bill Kaulitz annoys Tom with his choice of words: “Oldschool macho behavior.”
Tom Kaulitz's vocabulary is often too old for his twin brother Bill.

Tom Kaulitz’s vocabulary is often too old for his twin brother Bill. Photo: dpa/gerald matzka

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Bill and Tom Kaulitz have been podcasters since August of last year – on their Spotify show “Kaulitz Hills – Senf aus Hollywood” they sometimes reveal quite intimate details about their life with Heidi Klum and their children, sometimes saying themselves candidly to their face, what bothers them? regarding the other.

However, the current episode wasn’t all about Tom’s wife Heidi and more than the Tokyo hotel musicians. Among other things, Bill jokingly announced in a recent podcast episode that he wanted to sell his underwear — but now he’s received serious offers. In addition, Tom’s senseless vocabulary also played a role, which Bill sometimes seems to go against the current.

The Kaulitz brothers argue over the word “makeup”

At first, the twin brothers philosophized about the fact that they had bad skin when they were teenagers – like most people in that age group. But even dermatologists and beauty therapists couldn’t change anything. Tom had his own theory to offer: “Of course it was because we sat on a few TV shows every day and got cheap powder all over our faces.”

This in turn gave Bill the idea for his own mascara treatment, which he put together specifically for podcasting — However, his brother has no eye for it, and said he wouldn’t notice there was “make-up” on his face anyway. This was absolutely the right choice for Bill. complained out loud:

The guitarist is said to often ask Heidi if she “puts on makeup”. I admit that the word always makes Bill laugh. “It’s synonymous! I say makeup and I also say heels”Tom answered. Saying high-heeled shoes instead of high heels – this emphasized Bell even more: “This is an old-school macho attitude!” He laughed.

And as a reason for his delightful deviation from his course, he finally said: “Heel shoes – totally outdated. I don’t know anyone who says heel shoes. You have to evolve and learn.” But Tom didn’t take it, he just wanted to keep saying makeup and heels and he didn’t see anything reprehensible at all.

Bill Kaulitz wants to sell used underwear to anonymous users

Later, the Kaulitz brothers talked about the Onlyfans. Last week, the two made fun of it, with Bell even offering to sell his underwear. However, potential buyers should not think that this would be a bargain, as the 32-year-old wants half a million euros for second-hand underwear. Now updated, Bill said:

“I’ve had offers in my private messages. But how do we know if it’s serious?”

In the end, interested parties always contacted Bill with anonymous private accounts. However, if he found someone willing to buy, Tom directly advised him to take the chance. But there were other issues with possible transaction handling, for example with push keyword: “I would like to say in the money bag. I will send my assistant. But what am I going to say, what is the money? He must begin…”Bill continued to think.

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“Here’s my underwear, I’m feeding on it a little.” – With these words the singer will finally have to hand over the offered goods to his assistant. “I put nails in it too, as a sign of goodwill,” Tom added with a laugh.

Of course, the brothers want to keep podcast listeners updated with their experiences. In any case, they will not reveal the identity of the buyer, they finally promised, so as not to frighten potential buyers: “We keep it secret, we keep the person’s identity.” It remains to be seen whether the project will actually be implemented – after all, last week’s show was just a joke.



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