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Singer Lorde announces new music

Singer Lorde announces new music

Berlin. Nearly four years after the release of her latest studio album, “Melodrama,” New Zealand singer Lorde has announced new music. on your website On Tuesday, it posted a photo of a record-breaking cover with the words “Solar Energy” written on it. “It’s coming in 2021…patience is a virtue,” the 24-year-old wrote. The singer left the door open whether “Solar” is a single album or an entire album. Music producer Jacques Antonoff, with whom Lord has worked in the past, shared the cover on his Instagram account.

The cover photo in particular caught the attention of Lords fans: the photo shows the 24-year-old from a frog’s-eye view as he jumps off the camera in very scantily clad clothes. On Twitter, the photo was turned into many memes, i.e. funny edits to the photo, in a matter of hours. Several of them have since been removed from the platform due to copyright violations.

Lorde, who is actually Ella Yelich-O’Connor, became famous in 2013 with her debut album, Pure Heroine. The single “Royals” took first place on the charts in many countries. After following up on the album “Melodrama” (2017), Lorde had largely withdrawn from the audience.

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