Home Tech Anno 1800: Season 4 brings societal challenge

Anno 1800: Season 4 brings societal challenge

Anno 1800: Season 4 brings societal challenge

Anno 1800 season 4 begins. Convenient to activate seed of hope Ubisoft Mainz launched one Community Challenge, where participants can earn two new company logos for the construction game – provided they successfully master the challenge. The developers announced on Anno’s website: “It takes a lot of work and a lot of fertilizer to allow the Seed of Hope to thrive. That’s why the people of the New World asked for your help.”

Community Challenge

To dominate the challenge, the global community must at least Build 60,000 compost units in Anno 1800. Once this is done, two new company logos will be unlocked for all players. You have two weeks to reach the goal. Over the coming days, Ubisoft Mainz wants to keep you posted on the progress. In the Blog entry He also announced that this is just the beginning of a series of community challenges for Anno 1800. Quests that can be solved collectively are also planned for the next two content of Season 4.


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