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What Google offers today and how you can live there

What Google offers today and how you can live there

It’s official: Today, October 19, Google will present its new best-in-class smartphones. The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will be the first two models with a notched chip and a distinctive design.

Google really started teasing the next generation of smartphones in August. Until then, the manufacturer showed what the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro look like and that they will be equipped with a specially developed processor for the first time. The pixel event date is now set.

Pixel 6 event: When will the event take place?

The event begins October 19 at 7pm CEST. pixel event custom event Establishment location It doesn’t seem far from the date and time at first glance. A click on the FAQ button (“Frequently Asked Questions”) shows that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will be officially presented during the event – “Completely Redesigned Google Phones”. It’s “powered by Tensor, Google’s first owned mobile chip, and it’s fast, smart and secure,” the company said.

Google Pixel 6 Event-Teaser. (screenshot: Google/t3n)

The manufacturer also declares that it “adapts to you”. What Google means by this is clear on the website: Since one of the new Pixel 6 models is embellished on the page, you can change its appearance by pressing the spacebar on your computer keyboard or the button on your smartphone.

The focus is on the new dynamic theme of Android 12, with which the design of the user interface changes based on the wallpaper you have chosen, among other things. New customizable widgets and icons also play a role in the display of the Pixel 6.

What does Google offer today?

The Google Pixel 6 is shipped from the factory with Android 12 or 12.1. (Image: Google)

The features on offer, which will also be available on older Pixel models with the already outdated version of Android 12, should be only a part of what Google has in store for its upcoming smartphones on the software side. We assume that with the help of our tensioner chip some new smart functions will be migrated to the hardware.

The two Pixel models might not be the only new products, even if Google makes it appear that way in its ad. Because a preliminary version of Android 12.1 and suggestThat the manufacturer has folding in the making. The yet-to-be-released update contains tweaks for foldable large screens. The idea of ​​folding isn’t entirely secure, but Google might make a little expectation.

However, Google isn’t the only manufacturer hosting an event this fall. Yesterday, Apple introduced new Macbook Pro models, Airpods 3 and Homepod Mini, in different new colors.

Where can I get the pixel event in a live stream?

Google is broadcasting the event as “Pixel-Fall-Launch” on YouTube, among other things. We’ve combined the live broadcast here with us:

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