New rock samples could change the history of the moon

The volcanoes on the moon for much longer than previously assumed. Evidence for this is provided by new rock samples taken last year for the first time in 4 decades by the Chinese space probe Chang’e 5 They were brought to Earth.

according to Alexander Namshin Researchers at Australian Curtin University and author of the new study Im Journal Science These lava stones were posted “just” 2 billion years Old. All samples previously brought to Earth were, according to Nimshin, older than 3 billion years Old. This means that the history of the moon can be revised. Follow-up studies will show how powerful the modifications are.

The moon didn’t cool down as fast

Includes lunar rock samples basalt fragments of subsequent lunar days and indicates volcanic activity. After its formation, the still-warm Moon cooled relatively quickly compared to other celestial bodies because it is smaller. As fast as initially thought, but not.

How he might keep his warmth or energy indoors for longer is still being researched. One possibility is interaction with our planets.

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