Gisele Oppermann (34) talking to Proflash All striptease with Adam seeking Eva! Finally, on Tuesday, the first photos of the nominees for the new season of the reality show Revealer were published. Among others: the former GNTM filter Giselle, model Giuliana Farfalla (25) and BTN star Falco Uchenknecht (37). In past seasons, the ladies in particular have always come in so much that they don’t look completely empty below. Giselle There are Proflash-Interview reveals how she prepared her special parts for the show!

In 2017, for example, former Big Brother star Natalia Osada (31) decorated her intimate hair with beautiful pearls. NS Giselle That was out of the question, like her Proflash He revealed, “My hair wasn’t so long that you could weave something in it. But I was the only one with a “bush by the pussy”. It made me feel more attracted, but I like it that way‘,” explained the 34-year-old. Thanks to her intimate hairstyle, she was something special on the show.

But how did you feel when meeting potential partners without clothes? Giselle He certainly sees a lot of advantages in just getting to know a man naked for life: “It’s just the way God created us – Adam and Eve. When you meet, you can actually tell a lot based on your outfit, and it all gets completely thrown off when you stand in front of each other. “All prejudices are out of the way for now,” she concluded.

The show “Adam sucht Eva” will start on November 15th every Monday at 8:15 PM on RTLZwei and RTL+.

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The set of the movie “Adam Seeks Eve” 2021
Gisele Obermann, The Jungle Bowser 2019

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Gisele Obermann, The Jungle Bowser 2019
Gisele Obermann at the Stunning Mathias Mouse Fashion Show


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