Sudden departure from “Alles Was geht”: Sam Eisenstein, who has been with Marian Öztürk since the first episode, is leaving the RTL soap.

Essen – big surprise forAll this is important“Fans! Sam Eisenstein (48), who has played Marian Ozturk since the beginning, is leaving the popular RTL soap – and that’s in tomorrow’s episode!

Sam Eisenstein (48) alias Marian Ozturk is leaving "All this is important" After 15 years.

Sam Eisenstein (48), aka Marian Ozturk, is leaving Everything That Matters after 15 years. © RTL / Julia Feldhagen

As Radio Cologne announced on Tuesday, Eisenstein will be on Wednesday (November 24) for the last time (for now?) on the previous evening’s show.

His exit was particularly surprising because the 48-year-old has been considered a constant in the cast. Eisenstein has been there since the second episode of EEZ, which flashed across television screens in 2006.

His exit leaves some questions. According to RTL Marianne disappears without a word after learning that the only chance to heal ailing Daniela (Berrett Arnold, 50) is an expensive treatment.

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All he leaves behind is a letter to Daniela. She says he has found a way to get the money he needs for treatment. But for that he has to get out of Essen.

The reason for this is still unclear at this time. For actor Sam Eisenstein, this story marks the end of a true era.

Marian Ozturk (Sam Eisenstein) goes missing to raise money for Daniela's treatment (Berrett Arnold)

The Disappearance of Marian Ozturk (Sam Eisenstein) to raise funds for the treatment of Daniela (Berrett Arnold) © RTL / Julia Feldhagen

RTL officials expressed themselves in a statement about Eisenstein’s unexpected departure. As an actor from the start, he’s been an important part of the EEZ squad since 2006.

“We are very grateful to him for giving his role as Marian Ozturk a lot of fun and likable sides. Both as the father of Deniz Ozturk (Igor Dolgacho), as the host of bar ‘No. 7’, as the good side friend of Ben Steenkamp (Jörg Rohde) and Christoph Lukowski (Lars Courten).”

After 15 years, some changes have been made in terms of content. Eisenstein will also open up new horizons.

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However, the makers of the EEZ assured that Marian’s son and niece Leyla Ozturk (Suri Abbasi) will continue to live in Essen.

Marian’s return cannot be completely ruled out either: “Perhaps the connection between the Ozturk family will become more intense again sometime in the future.”

Episode 3823 of the “Alles was geht” program, in which Marianne can be watched for the last time, will be broadcast tomorrow, Wednesday, at 7:05 pm. RTL It is already broadcasting as a stream RTL + Available.

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