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Linda de Mol: Serious allegations against her partner Jeroen Rietbergen

“Voice of Holland”
“Sexual Abusive Behaviour”: Allegations Against Linda De Mol’s Partners

Linda de Mol and Jeroen Rittbergen

Linda de Mol and Jeroen Rietbergen have been married since 2007

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In the Netherlands, the cast of “The Voice of Holland” has been suspended after allegations of abusive behavior spread. One of the accused is the partner of Lt. Col. Linda de Mol.

After allegations of abusive behavior against the participants of the popular talent show “The Voice of Holland” (TVOH), RTL Nederland has suspended broadcasts until further notice. The radio said the allegations were “very serious and appalling.” It’s about “sexual transgressive behavior and the abuse of power.” After the women’s allegations became known through her research Broadcaster BNNVARA The gang’s leader, Jeroen Rietbergen, resigned on Saturday. The 50-year-old has been with showrunner Linda, also known in Germany, since 2007Dating de Mall.

According to the Dutch news agency ANP, Rittbergen asked his lawyer to make it clear to him that he wanted to “offer my sincere apologies to the women involved for things I should never have done”.

Dutch newspaper “telegraph” Reports indicate that Rietbergen sent sexually explicit emails to the women participating in the show, and also had sexual contacts with some of them. He was not aware of any wrongdoing at the time. The 50-year-old appeared on the show as a bandleader and pianist.

Linda de Mol is silent on the allegations against Rittbergen

According to Rietbergen, it concerns events that occurred several years ago. He now realized that he had made mistakes and sought professional help. Thanks to the treatment, he permanently changed his behavior. “My family is now together again, as it was difficult for my wife and it is now again.” According to the National Ports Agency, director Linda de Mol said she did not want to comment at this time.

What is Linda de Mol doing today?

According to the National Ports Agency, so far only one of the accused men has been notified to the public prosecutor – who is also a musician.

The casting format “The Voice” developed by Dutch TV producer John de Mol was launched in 2010, and the German version “The Voice of Germany” based on it has been around since 2011.


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