The peak of the fifth wave is approaching in France, according to epidemiologist Vitoria Colisa

For an interview in the Journal du Dimanche columns, epidemiologist and research director at the National Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm) Vitoria Colisa returns to the health crisis

Vittoria Colisa, epidemiologist and director of research at Inserm, About “Jordanian Dinar”, regarding the health crisis affecting the planet for nearly two years. It evokes a vaccine, the height of the fifth wave, or the possible end of a crisis.

Possible savior of the crisis

Vittoria Colisa recalls that the vaccine cuts the risk of hospitalization in half, and thus has a strong protective effect on the individual. Therefore, vaccination is necessary for her. “Unvaccinated people are disproportionately burdening the health care system. Three variants dominated France in one year. Each of them challenged the vaccine, which was less effective against a different virus than the one against which it was designed. Remember, however, that a booster dose enhances protection against infections and dangerous forms.

The peak is approaching

The epidemiologist remembers that the data of recent days show a slowdown in the growth dynamics of the virus. This means that France is close to the peak of detected cases. Its access will vary by region, says Vitoria Colisa. “For example, Ile-de-France is already experiencing a decrease in the curve of new cases, which will be confirmed in the coming days.”

She’s hoping for a fairly rapid drop, particularly due to the properties of the Omicron variant. This peak should be reached thanks to their respective behavior in terms of palpations, barrier measures and support injections.

The end of covid-19?

Evoking the end of Covid-19 makes an epidemiologist laugh: I heard this idea a lot two years ago. She points out that the planet is still in a pandemic phase and there is no evidence that this is the last wave.

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However, she does not dismiss the idea that this virus can be endemic. This will be the case when it spreads over the form of influenza that returns every winter, with occasional outbreaks. But she does not know when this scenario could materialize.


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