Home entertainment A crushing sympathy for the fate of Christian Eriksen مصير

A crushing sympathy for the fate of Christian Eriksen مصير

A crushing sympathy for the fate of Christian Eriksen مصير

The collapse and revival of soccer star Christian Eriksen, 29, at the weekend caused huge sympathy around the world. The level of interest in the state of health at that time is also shown by his Instagram account. On the day of the life-threatening drama, the number of followers was still 2.3 million. She is currently (Thursday afternoon) 3.8 million. Trend: Continues to rise sharply.

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Christian Eriksen fell on the field during his team’s European Championship match against Finland last Saturday (12 June) in Copenhagen shortly before the end of the first half, and had to be revived in front of the spectators. He has since been admitted to a hospital in Copenhagen, and his condition is said to be “stable and good”.

Christian Eriksen underwent a pacemaker implantation

The football player also made a personal report via Instagram To say thank you: “Hi everyone, thank you very much for the beautiful and wonderful news from around the world. It means a lot to me and my family.” However, Christian Eriksen cannot leave the hospital at the moment, as he represented the Danish Football Association on Thursday In a statement on Twitter It was announced that a cardioverter-defibrillator and an implantable defibrillator would be implanted against the arrhythmia that apparently caused cardiac arrest.

The Danish football team is preparing for the second round match after the drama. Today, Thursday, Kickers will face Belgium, starting at six in the evening in Copenhagen. Then it will also show whether the players’ psychological care has been successful after the horrific experience.

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