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Originally played: Streisand is frustrated by “A Star Is Born”

Originally played
Streisand frustrated with ‘A Star Is Born’

It’s been three years since the remake of “A Star is Born” was released. Originally from 1976, Barbra Streisand played the songwriter portrayed by Lady Gaga in 2018. Now, aged 79, she is now only saying in clear words about her opinion of the new movie and the cast.

It took Barbra Streisand, star of the 1976 movie “A Star Is Born”, three full years to evaluate the remake starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Her opinion of the 2018 movie was pretty devastating. In a version of the Australian talk show “The Sunday Project,” according to “Entertainment Weekly,” the 79-year-old barely left a good hair with the film that brought Lady Gaga her first Oscar.

In their opinion, the “wrong idea” was to cast Cooper and Gaga in the remake, as the pair looked very similar to her and Kris Kristofferson from the 1976 movie. The success of the remake is correct, but: “I don’t care so much about success, but more about authenticity,” so Streisand’s critique harsh.

Initially, Streisand was said to have caught fire when the musical drama was said to be re-produced for the fourth time. However, at that time, two actors were planned, which would have given the story of a worn-out former star and a promising newcomer a different direction.

She was hoping for Beyoncé

“At first, when I heard it was going to be remake again, Will Smith and Beyoncé should have done it.” This is interesting,” I said to myself. This would do everything completely differently, and have a different kind of music. (…) I thought this was a great idea.” Nothing remains of that initial euphoria: “So I was very surprised when I saw how similar it was to the version I made in 1976.”

Incidentally, the 1976 movie was also a remake and was based on the original from 1937 with Janet Gaynor and Frederick Marsh. In addition, there was already another remake in 1954, in which Judy Garland and James Mason played the main roles. All the movies are about an old star and a talented young singer who meet and fall in love. He starts promoting her and making her famous, but this shakes up their personal relationship. And his love for any intoxicant also puts love to the test.

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