Change in 'The Masked Singer' upsets fans: 'It completely loses its appeal'
Among other things, the reindeer went with "masked singer" At the beginning of Christmas.

Among other things, the reindeer started the “Masked Singer” at Christmas.Photo: ProSieben / Willi Weber

For Christmas, ProSieben gave all fans of “The Masked Singer” a very special gift with a special edition: the show on December 26 was all about meditation and once again inviting the audience to take part in guesswork. Who is hiding in the costume of geese, present and reindeer? He also brought back “The Mysterious Christmas Show” Bulent Celan, who was effusive as an angel in season one, later bolstered the advice team, and on Sunday finally sided with Matthias Obdenhuefl as supervisor.

But there was another change, and he was not so lucky with many fans: The show was pre-recorded in front of a studio audience. However, even this did not know who was under the masks, and even had to leave the hall before its unveiling. This ensures that no spoilers are leaked prior to broadcasting. For this, viewers were allowed to vote on the site which outfit would win – fans in front of TVs were left behind.

For once, the “Masked Singer” is not alive

The innovations drew criticism from some Twitter users. For example, “When The Masked Singer is not broadcast, it completely loses its appeal.”

Another viewer thought the show was simply “funny” that way, and the cheer obviously didn’t want to start as usual.

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Elsewhere it is said that the “disguised singer” is losing his charm.

Some Twitter users are also speculating that the Christmas version could have been more difficult for the advice team, because: Ruth Moschner and Co. hadn’t had it. The opportunity to study fan tips on social networks during advertising breaks.

By the way, references to the identities of the stars were given by Bulent Ceylan, who embodied the Angel in the first season. In addition to regular casting, Ruth Mushner and Rhea Garvey took Andrea Swatsky, the sea urchin from last season, on the counseling staff.



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