Home Tech With v12, the surface is finally resolved in 4K

With v12, the surface is finally resolved in 4K

With v12, the surface is finally resolved in 4K

Android TV version 12 (which is currently being tested as a beta version in parallel with Android 12) has some innovations. This week the third beta version was distributed and Google Reveal some details in the developers blog مدونة.

Android TV finally has 4K resolution

In addition to some media playback improvements, there’s one point in particular that catches your eye: Android TV’s surface now finally switches to 4K (if you have a matching TV). So far, unfortunately, there was only Full HD.


Means: With the new version of Android TV, everything is always displayed in 4K and you don’t have to switch between FHD and 4K (Android TV can, of course, play 4K content natively beforehand). there is more.

Google Android TV

For privacy, there’s now a visible indicator when an app accesses your microphone or camera – as it’s known from smartphones. You can also set not to allow any app to access it.

For now, you can only test Android 12 for smart TVs with Google’s own hardware sold to developers. There’s no date for the final version yet, but we’re expecting an update in the fall.

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