It is claimed that it will be unveiled on April 13th

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According to Leakers LeaksApplePro, Apple will introduce the new iPad Pro on April 13th. You are 80 percent sure.

As mentioned, new Apple tablets should be presented on March 23, at least that was the opinion of leaked Jon Prosser. Shortly thereafter, a report came that Apple would not introduce the iPad Pro 2021 until April. Now there is a new leak on Twitter from user LeaksApplePro who has revealed leaks about new Apple products in the past. It is claimed that the iPhone manufacturer should release an iPad Pro, model year 2021, On Tuesday, April 13, 2021. There may only be a press release and not a live broadcast. IPad Pro 2021 will only be shown, however, the new Airpods and Airtags can only be shown at a later time. The date is 80 percent certain, according to Al-Raseh. Traditionally, Apple loves to introduce new products every Tuesday.

What features should the new iPad Pro 2021 offer?

So far, there are 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The latest report from Digitimes only mentions a new 12.9-inch version, with a touchscreen display with a tiny LED backlight used for the first time. With this backlight, it should be possible to provide more dimming areas compared to the traditional LED backlight. The screen should be as close as possible to the image quality of the OLED screen. The technology used on the iPad Pro 2021 has very little in common with a small, full LED display.

The modified iPhone 12 chipset should work as a drive. The A14X Bionic can be manufactured in a 5nm fabrication process and comes with 5G support including mmWave. Probably USB-C connectivity is now integrated into the Thunderbolt port. Apple itself has yet to comment on the new products. So far, the iPad Pro starts at 12.9 inches From about 1100 euros. Additionally, you can Matching keyboard cover € 400 It’s called the Apple Magic Keyboard to turn the iPad Pro into a very portable alternative to the notebook.

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Apple iPad Pro 2021 kit likely:

  • According to Leakers LeaksApplePro, the lineup will present the new iPad Pro 2021 on Tuesday, April 13, 2021. There may only be a press release and not a live broadcast.
  • However, the next generation Apple Airpods and Airtags won’t be offered until a later date.

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