Afghanistan: Taliban control more than half of all provinces

Shortly before the official completion of the withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan Control of radical Islamists Taliban Again more than half of the country’s regions. German news agency reports. College Acceptance She requested provincial councils and local security experts in 34 provinces of Afghanistan. Accordingly, the Islamists have a slim majority of about 210 out of the 400 or so district centers in the country. About 110 areas are under full government control. The other 80 or so are controversial, which means that both sides hold territory and attack each other.

When the international forces began withdrawing in early May, the Taliban launched several attacks and captured more than 150 new districts. Geographically, they focused their attack on the north. There, the Taliban faced the greatest opposition in the late 1990s. Observers assume that this is to prevent the organization of opposition exactly there.

In addition to the territories, they also invaded other parts of important highways and several border crossings, including two of the three most important: Spin Boldak to Pakistan And Islam also said Iran. In doing so, they are also financially weakening the government in Kabul, as significant customs revenue is lost.

According to the President of the United States Joe Biden The US mission in Afghanistan ends on August 31. The Then He has not yet officially announced the end of the military operation, but the operation is actually over. According to the information of the German News Agency (dpa), the soldiers currently stationed in the country are from states such as United States of America and the Turkey Now fully under the leadership of national chains of command.

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