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Cordoba should bring Hertha up to 20 million euros

Herta surrenders BSc striker John Cordoba to FK Grosnoder. The Berlin Bundesliga team and the Russian first division team have agreed to transfer. According to media reports, the transfer fee should be between 15 and 20 million euros, officially Herta did not provide any information.

The 28-year-old C கோrdoba, in September of the previous year 1. F.C. The man from Cologne said, “FK will move to Grosnoder, which will sign a pending medical examination and contract.” The Colombian had scored seven goals for Berlin in the previous season, but was injured for a long time.

Coach Paul Tardoi has already said goodbye to Cர்டrdoba. Second division club FC were not in the Colombian squad for Saturday’s 2-2 Test at St Paul’s. “I thank you for his goals. Every goal he scored was important for Hertha BSc,” Durdoy said.

Hertha only had a dismissal in the final stages of the previous season.

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The union has Rono in its view as an alternative to Carius

According to “Kicker”, the union is in talks with Berlin goalkeeper Frederick Ronno for a future collaboration. The 28-year-old Dane could replace Loris Carias, who left the club in the summer in Berlin.

Rono, who is still under contract with Eintracht Frankfurt, was credited with Schalke 04 last season but was unable to top the squad.

The Frankfurters, for their part, should try to find VFP Stuttgart’s replacement keeper Jens Crawl.

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