Home entertainment With Albert and the kids: Charlene of Monaco reunited with the family

With Albert and the kids: Charlene of Monaco reunited with the family

With Albert and the kids: Charlene of Monaco reunited with the family

With Albert and the kids
Charlene of Monaco reunited with her family

For months, Charlene von Monaco has been stuck in South Africa without a husband or children. It is said that health problems delayed her return to the emirate, but rumors of a crisis in the relationship also spread. But now she appears again in the family circle.

Charlene von Monaco is reunited with her husband, Prince Albert II, and their two children, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques. “I’m so happy to have my family with me again,” she wrote in an Instagram post about a series of photos she and her loved ones showed off.

Among other things, you can see how Charlene holds her two children in her arms. It also appears that the twins climbed a tree.

What’s also notable: daughter Gabriella wears a fringed pony. Charlene explains: “Gabriella decided to cut her hair!” The princess had already done her best to “get it back”. The bangs taper towards the middle of the forehead, but the daughter’s haircut can’t be overlooked.

No return before October

The 43-year-old did not provide any information about when and where the photos were taken. However, it can be assumed that she received a visit from her family in South Africa and not quite the opposite to Monaco.

The former swimmer is in poor health and is currently recovering. You probably won’t be able to travel before October. “Originally I was only supposed to stay here ten to twelve days,” Charlene, who has been in South Africa for months, said at the end of July on Radio 702.

The princess is said to have suffered from an ear, nose and throat infection. This is said to have made it impossible for her to get on a plane for the past few months. “I can’t fly more than 3,000 metres, or else I’ll have a problem with my ears,” Charlene said in her explanation.

Four hours of operation

As a result of her illness, the princess underwent surgery nearly two weeks ago. The operation was said to last four hours and was performed under general anaesthesia. “Princess Charlene is recovering and we think about her with affection,” a message from her husband said afterwards. The family will “accompany the princess during her recovery.”

It appears that Albert has now traveled to South Africa with the two children to help Charlene here. It may also be possible to dispel rumors about the crisis in the relationship between the spouses. In interviews, Charlene has already rejected speculations about parting with Albert.

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