Home entertainment Mourning for the star “Lindenstrasse” d. Ludwig Dressler

Mourning for the star “Lindenstrasse” d. Ludwig Dressler

Mourning for the star “Lindenstrasse” d.  Ludwig Dressler

From episode 1 to episode 1.754 he was part of “Lindenstrasse”: for 35 years Ludwig Haas has portrayed the paralyzed Doctor in the long-running WDR series. Ludwig Dressler. According to many media outlets, the actor passed away at the age of 88.

Ludwig felt a pressure in his chest. Doctors put a stent on him. A few hours after the operation, he suddenly felt worse. Haas’s wife, Marianne, told “Das Neue Blatt” magazine, according to the “Focus Online” website, that he died at three in the evening. Hass is said to have been buried in the nearest family circle in the Baltic Sea.

Appearing as Adolf Hitler

With the role of Dr. Haas played his way into the hearts of the “Lindenstrasse” audience – and they often kept their distance, as former Haas colleague Joachim Hermann Luger, who played Hans Beemer in “Lindenstrasse”, recalls: “Ludwig Haas who killed the paraplegic doctor.” Playing Dressler, he has to find it funny over and over again when people throw themselves on their knees in front of him and shout, “Miracle, miracle!”

Haas has appeared in several German television and film productions since the beginning of his career in the 1970s, most of which have been a guest star. For example, he played in solo episodes of “Forsthaus Falkenau” and “Der Alte”, but also in Helge Schneider’s film “Texas – Doc Snyder keeps the world in suspense.” In 1988, Hasse played Adolf Hitler in the American film “Broken Chains – The Prisoner’s Revenge”.

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