Will you ever see Nico and Michele again?  That's what Stevie Stark thinks

It appears that the relationship between ex-bachelor Nico Gresert, 31, his girlfriend Michelle de Ross and ex-candidate Stevie Stark, 26, is still far away. Recently, the third-ranked single couple has not been followed up on social media channels, so what about Stevie Aroused astonishment and anger. Nobody And now Michelle says that they are about to meet again Stevie will be happy. I Proflash– The interview now tells her her opinion of the rapprochement.

Stevie questions the statement and explains that her actions speak louder than words. Nobody And Michel say they would like a meeting, but whether they will actively support it is an entirely different question. Stevie I want to let everything come to you and stress the opposite Proflash: “I always keep my word and with them I always feel it’s not like that.”

Even if Stevie approaches the geographically single couple as they move to Cologne, she clearly considers a comfortable meeting with the two unlikely. However, if they happen to see each other on the street, Stevie will surely say hi to them: “I find childish disregard, but of course I can’t say how others would react”Stevie explains.

Michel de Ros and Nico Grisert in March 2021 in Cologne

Instagram / stephie_stark

Stevie Stark, former BSc at Candeen
Stevie Stark in July 2021

Instagram / stephie_stark

Stevie Stark in July 2021
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