Home entertainment Jenny Elvers raises serious allegations against ex-Alex Goleg: “If you want to see your son…”

Jenny Elvers raises serious allegations against ex-Alex Goleg: “If you want to see your son…”

Jenny Elvers raises serious allegations against ex-Alex Goleg: “If you want to see your son…”

Jenny Elvers and Alex Goleg have been a couple for a year. From here came the son Paul. The actress is now making serious allegations against her ex-partner.

Lüneburg / South Africa – Hard words! She was an actress for a year Jenny Elvers (49) married couple and former “Big Brother” candidate Alex Goleg (57).

Jenny Elvers (49) and ex-partner Alex Golig (57) star in an RTL show together. "Prominently Detached - Ex Villa" part.

Jenny Elvers, 49, and ex-partner Alex Gulig, 57, star in RTL’s ‘Detached Notable – Villa of Exiles’. © RTL / Seapoint

The climax of their brief relationship, which ended in 2001, was the birth of their son Paul (20).

After the separation, communication between the former spouses was slow. Now Jenny and Alex meet again on the RTL show “Prominent Separated”.

In the meantime, the two were on friendly terms with one another again, but as the 57-year-old explained in the run-up to the show on RTL, there was an “open need for clarification”.

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And it shows – beware spoilers! – Right in the first episode. And of the relationship with Jenny, Alex said, “It was a wish at first sight.”

But the great ease at first quickly ended abruptly. He expressed his deep regret, saying, “I did not really recognize the mother of my son.” Sharing, he and his ex-wife want to “catch up on that now”.

Paul's son (20) comes from the joint relationship.

Paul’s son (20) comes from the joint relationship. © Jens Kalaene / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa

Jenny also saw the problem in a similar way: “Unfortunately, we never really got to know each other.” Because the former partners avoided contact with each other for years, the father-son relationship also suffered.

However, Alex also explained that the parents’ partners had issues with her. “They were against contact,” he explained.

A statement that the actress was met with incomprehension. “If you want to see a baby,” she said, “you’ll find the opportunity.” Meanwhile, father Alex and son Paul enjoy a quiet relationship and meet regularly.

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In the RTL program “PROMINENT Separated – Die Villa der Verflossene” Jenny and Alex compete for 100,000 euros with seven other former spouses. They are staying in a villa and will have to compete in different competitions there.

The eight episodes can be watched as of Tuesday, February 22, always from 8:15 PM on RTL or a week earlier on RTL+.

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