Home entertainment What’s going on?: Tears are falling on Bella Hadid

What’s going on?: Tears are falling on Bella Hadid

What’s going on?: Tears are falling on Bella Hadid

What is going on there?
Tears are flowing down on Bella Hadid

Their job is to always be flawless, sparkling and carefree in public. But even in a supermodel like Bella Hadid, things are boiling under the surface. The 25-year-old explains this to her fans with photos that show her less happy.

In fact, Bella Hadid has every reason to be happy: At 25, she’s one of the most popular supermodels in the world and she’s recently had a newfound charm again. After her on-and-off relationship with musician The Weeknd, she is now dating art director Mark Kallman, with whom she has appeared in public at the Cannes Film Festival, among other things.

But all success, charm and love do not save Bella Hadid from the dark side of life. It seems that now she wants to remind her more than 47 million followers on her Instagram page with a series of photos.

Hadid posted several shots that weren’t cheerful at all. Instead, tears roll down her tearless face. She wrote a long comment on this, in which she admitted that she had been struggling with insecurities and mental problems for years.

Malfunctions and burnout

Hadid writes that what they encounter is similar to “a roller coaster ride with obstacles” that has “ups and downs” or “changing sides.” “But I want you to know: There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. And at some point the rollercoaster stops completely,” the model encourages herself and the others at the same time.

The American adds that her “breakups and burnouts” would have taught her something about herself in the end: “If you work hard on yourself and spend time alone understanding the traumas, triggers, joys, and routines, you will also learn more about and understand your pain and learn how to deal with it.”

“you are not alone”

Hadid urges her fans not to fall for the foul look. “Social media is not the truth. Everyone who has problems, please remember: sometimes all you have to hear is that you are not alone. So from me to you: you are not alone. I love you, I see you and I hear you,” she addresses in person. Each follower individually.

Born in Washington DC in 1996, she started her modeling career at the age of 16. She is the sister of Gigi Hadid, who also made a career on the catwalk. Both achieved popularity not least through their commitment to the lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret.

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