'Kampf der Realitystars' (RTL2): 'The Bachelor' Andre Mangold looking for a good reputation

Updated July 21, 2021 at 10:34 PM.

Two newcomers must add momentum to the second episode of “Kampf der Realitystars”. But even master of bullying Andre Mangold suddenly became quite tame.

Felix Rick


From Felix Rick

Candidates for “Kampf der Realitystars” have received mail. From the station, no one talks to them. They meet and look at the news. It is very long. The following are listed: smoking outside the designated area, long walks in the sea, going to the toilet alone and, above all, sleeping during the day.

The latter reveals what it’s actually about: The pseudo-celebrity has managed to commit 69 rule violations in just a few days and is still pretty bored after the start of this season.

Claudia Obert? Always cozy, but surprisingly peaceful. Jenna Lisa Luhfink? Mostly confused. Friedrich von Anhalt? Just a Turrett-like senior on the window sill, grandchildren (for good reason) visit only once a year.

“Reality Stars Battle”: two newcomers

But of course it cannot remain that way. No pressure, no stake is the motto of this microcosm of celebrities playing around with the same formats. To address this, only tried and tested measures can help: more “stars” past their expiration date – and more stress through penalties.

In the second episode of “The Battle of Reality Stars,” this means: Water is rationed. Fortunately, there is a short supply in Thailand, which is why there is no point in taking advantage of the Geneva Conventions. For every five minutes of showering, celebrities have to guess the mouse-and-bee-dressed newcomer.

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The game itself was quickly forgotten, and the reaction after exposure is always the same: “Even when the mask fell, I didn’t know who I was dealing with.”

Finally, there is a level of sophistication in the show

We’re helping a little: Number one, Evil Jared, who played bass for the American band “Bloodhound Gang” in the ’90s. His specialty: In keeping with his band’s sense of humor, he takes every opportunity to beat a problem.

Already in his single player, he is allowed to swing freely, and with his pants down, he signals a bowel movement. Finally, there is a level of quality on offer. But in 2020 finally, free-swinging genitals on TV are causing more than just a yawn in the homeland of Evil Jared.

It’s time for a second newcomer, who probably hasn’t seen as much excitement on his arrival since his bullying attacks at the Summer House of Stars as here: former bachelor Andre Mangold. But maybe the exhilaration comes just from an extra five minutes of showering.

Battle of Reality Stars, RTLZWEI, Thailand, B.Sc., Andrej Mangold, Gina-Lisa Lohfink

He feels “number one”, and the others have to suffer: Friedrich Prinz von Anhalt relies on the full showdown in “Kampf der Realitystars” (RTLZWEI).

The ambitious handsome man has at least an agenda: he wants to alter his public image and prove that he is a “lovable and beloved man.” Only he knows why this should finally work after ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Summer House of Stars’.

Madness can be so cute

Unfortunately for Mangold, it soon becomes clear that the participants in reality shows are their best viewers. This is the reason for the blasphemy and the inevitable confrontation immediately following. In this case between Gina-Lisa and Andrej, who are discussing who is “real” here. Looking at the participants, this conversation in itself is a farce.

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Jennifer Riley knows her best anyway: “This is about honesty, this is about honesty.” Which is of course complete nonsense. As an influencer, you should know this.

But none of this causes trouble. Once The Bachelor spins in Gina Lisa’s golden hair and forgets about all her mistrust. Since RTL2 has had to screw up again and put in place a smoking ban for 69 rule violations. Since “Big Brother” means to drive particularly vulnerable populations crazy.

It doesn’t take long before Narumol pulls out the frond of the palm and tries to smoke it. Then howl. She is roaring. Claudia Obert screams because Narumol is screaming. and howls. What about Prince Friedrich von Anhalt? He makes his rounds around the villa again on his own, running and jogging. Madness can be very cute.

The most colorless shall go

Reinvigorating Who Do Viewers Think Is Most Selfish Doesn’t Help The answer is obvious: Friedrich von Anhalt, who celebrates decently. where it is located. And when it falls, it goes down.

Even the last match could not turn the candidates against each other. Standing in a watering hole, teammates Loona, Claudia Obert and Leon Machère must hit their elbows at their ribs as they fight for the ball. Instead, the ladies pass the ball to Machir each time, who is thus protected from being sent off by newcomers Evel Jared and Andrej Mangold.

In the end, the one with the least camera time is captured anyway: “Love Island,” Tim’s lover, with whom Mangold shares: “This guy has what it takes, one day you’ll get your BA.” As if it was a prize.

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Tim was as sweet as it came: “I wish you only the best,” he says to others, clearly not understanding the look.

Perhaps Evil Jared would explain it to him again on his way out: “Reality TV is a bit like: many assholes live in one house and they can win something.” Hopefully the rest of the celebrities will remember it in time for the next episode.

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