GZSZ-Felix says goodbye to Kolle-Kiez for now - actor Thaddäus Meilinger takes a breather

GZSZ fans must be strong now! Thaddäus Meilinger, who plays Felix Lehmann, says goodbye to the good times and bad times for an indefinite period.

Thaddäus Meilinger (39) takes a GZSZ break.

Thaddäus Meilinger (39) takes a GZSZ break. © TVNOW / Bernd Jurek

How RTL It was announced, right now for the actor after more than five years with over 1,000 days of filming. On Friday, the Hessen native stood for the last time in front of the camera in Kolle-Kiez – before the break of his choice.

“Of course, I grew up in love with Felix with all his stories I was allowed to play. But now I’m also looking forward to new roles on stage and in cinema as well as music,” said the 39-year-old. Aiming for time on the GZSZ group.

Accordingly, he now wants to devote himself to projects not yet implemented in addition to his family.

He revealed in an interview that the well-known TV star is currently working on a prom show and a Christmas CD.

According to his own statement, the father of two is also looking forward to “accompanying his young son as he gets used to kindergarten” soon.

According to the announcer, the final scene with Meilinger will currently be shown on RTL and TVNOW in late summer. It wasn’t until mid-March that the actor returned to the set of The Daily Soap after a baby break.

‘Good Times, Bad Times’ runs Monday through Friday at 7.40pm on RTL and anytime in advance. TVNOW.

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