Jörg Bilawa's daughter has suffered from rheumatism since she was two: 'a horrific moment'

All parents want their children to be healthy. Jörg Bilawa now talks about his daughter’s illness. For the director and his wife, the world was turned upside down.

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He is one of the most famous announcers on German television. With the “duel quiz”, “did you know?” Or before that, Herzblatt and his talk show, Jörg Bilawa, became a crowd favorite. While he always appears calm and serene in front of the camera, there was one circumstance in his private life that worried him: the health of his daughter Nova. She was diagnosed with rheumatism when she was just two years old. Shock to Bilawa and his wife Irina, because rheumatism was a “senile disease”, as Bilawa always assumed.

‘This is a terrible moment’

His daughter is now ten years old. Although diagnosed with shock, it is doing well, Bilawa reported in an interview with RTL. The presenter still vividly remembers the first rheumatic attack on his daughter in 2013.

“It is of course a terrible moment when you have your two-year-old daughter, who is actually of a happy nature, in bed in the morning and crying in pain and not wanting to get up,” Bilawa said in an emotional reaction. The conversation I also mentioned above It can be seen in the video.

Nova’s daughter has a good chance of a normal life

Since then, the family fears whether and when the next episode of rheumatism will come, but they do not want to let it determine their life. Belawa: “At one point I explained to myself that you just have to love and enjoy the time when the motivation isn’t there.”

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There’s also a glimmer of hope for Nova: She gets an injection every week, so she’s now living symptom-free. Early diagnosis helped. If all goes well, the disease may be completely gone by puberty.


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