A company building in Hagen is on fire, and several fire trucks are trying to put out the blaze.

A company building in Hagen is on fire, and several fire trucks are trying to put out the blaze.

Source: dpa

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Burning flames, thick black smoke: After a major fire in a warehouse with plastic barrels, people in Hagen have to keep their doors and windows closed. The smoke cloud is visible for miles.

EA large fire at a warehouse containing plastic containers in The Hague caused a dark cloud of smoke that could be seen from a distance Wednesday. A police spokesman said she could be seen as far as Lodensheid, about 20 kilometers away. Firefighters warned people of the stench and asked them not to stay outside and to close doors and windows. Health risks could not be ruled out as solvents and cleaning agents were burned in the hall. There were soot particles in the smoke cloud that could spread across the city, it said in the morning.

A police spokesman said the fire broke out at 7.45am. Firefighters were out with a large group to put out the fire. Small explosions are heard again and again. 250 people were brought to safety from the surrounding buildings. A fire department spokesman said there were no major injuries in the fire. An employee was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure after failing to put out the fire. At most, he was slightly injured.

A fire department spokesman said the warehouse was completely burned. Plastic containers stored in the yard also caught fire. Also, the company’s office building was damaged in the fire.

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Later in the morning, the flames were largely under control, the spokesman continued. Instead of black smoke, now only steam rises. It is until the afternoon when all the emperors are turned off. The cause of the fire was not initially as clear as the extent of the damage.

According to police, the barrels and plastic containers, among other things, are manufactured on the company premises. Solvents and cleaning agents are also stored. Air Force air measurements on potentially hazardous materials were not initially completed.

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